Welcome to National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. Bring women together for positive change.

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2. Educating a new generation of women leaders.

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3. Setting a new compass for those who desire to move forward.

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4. STOP the abuse, we must desire, demand and execute change NOW!

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Getting Involved

Be the change you wish to see in your community through the outreach and mentoring programs offered through our organization.

Educating Others

Advance yourself both academically and professionally with the leadership workshops and tutoring services offered through the National Alliance of Free Women, Inc.

Mission Statement

The National Alliance of Free Woman, Inc. Seeks to train and educate woman and girls. To encourage woman and girls to engage in education, (Read More)

Message From The Founder/Chair

The National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. formerly known as the National Congress of Black Women, Inland Empire Chapter for the past six years has transitioned out from under that national organization. Our transition is intended to be a more inclusive organization open to all women. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of women and girls everywhere.
Our mission will be achieved through leadership, teaching, coaching, mentoring, active engagement, participation and role modeling. Equally important, the women within the National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. have taken an oath to educate, empower, encourage, emancipate, and equip women and girls on how to move their respective communities forward.

Our new Chapter will serve as the National Chapter based in the State of California. The Inland Empire Chapter and all subsequent chapters formed following our installation and oath of office will be individual chapters wherever they are formed.
This is a great responsibility that we have undertaken. We assume this responsibility and opportunity without any hesitation or reservations. We encourage women everywhere to get involved in your local community through civic engagement and active participation. Become a woman of value and help move your community forward.

Life is not about who you are,
it is about who you can become!!!
“Become a Woman of Value”

Dr. Mary E. McBean

A Nonprofit 501 (C) (3) Organization Promoting & Supporting Community Service Initiatives throughout the Inland Empire of California.


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