The National Alliance of Free Women, INC. Initiatives

Character Counts

Provides resources for teachers, coaches, parents, and youth group leaders to improve the ethical quality of society by changing personal and organizational decision making and behavior. 

Family Service Association of California (FSACA)

Provides quality human services, child development, housing and senior services to residents of the Inland Empire and Desert communities.

Youth Education Motivation Program (YEMP)

An abbreviation for Youth Education Motivation Program, YEMP is a Riverside Community College District program that helps middle school children explores career options thorough interactive career exploration and hands on training.

Sexual Assualt Awareness

Provides education, awareness and resources regarding prevention and protection for women and girls.

Domestic Violence Awareness

Provides education, resources and networking opportunities for families regarding prevention and protection for women and girls. 

Human Trafficing Awareness

Provides education, resources, workshops, literature, and information regarding safe havens along with unique testimonials to educate women and girls everywhere. 

Feeding Children Everywhere

An international organization that strives to provide opportunities for families devoid of food and nutritional opportunities to sustain healthy living. 

Kids in Need of Desks

Citizens, schools, organizations, corporations, and individuals can provide a donation of $79 to sponsor a desk for a child. The donation is given to build a desk for a child who currently sits on a dirt floor in their classroom and writes on their laps. These desks are built in the community by the fathers of the children who the desks are being donated to. 

More Than Me

More Than Me believes every girl has the right to choose what life she wants to lead. To meet this vision, More Than Me provides girls from the West Point slum in Liberia education, health and social services to transform the trajectory of their own lives.

When Girls Don't Graduate

30% of girls do not graduate from High School. The aim is to improve the High School graduation rates of girls Nationwide to avoid girls living below the poverty level without adequate means to support themselves or family. 80-90% of the women today are single women running households with most of them falling victim to girls who did not graduate.