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Our board is a body of appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of The National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. to ensure that we run successfully, with integrit,y and accountability as we pursue our mission to positively impact women and girls in our communities.

1st Vice Chair

Moreno Valley Councilmember Delores Ladonna Jempson, elected December 9, 2014 to serve district 5 following a highly contested re-call election. She was recognized as a Woman of Distinction on Saturday March 19, by state Assembly member Jose Medina.

Prior to this recognition, LaDonna was installed as a board member on August 29, 2015 at the oath installation ceremony of the newly formed chapter of the National Alliance of Free Women, and serves as the first Vice-Chair. Since her election, La Donna has served district 5 with honesty, integrity, ethically, compassionally and with distinction.

La Donna is a “trend setter”, a leader of the pack, someone who others look up to, a role model who embodies service.

Please join the NAOFW Inc, as we honor and pay tribute to La Donna our 1st Vice Chair.