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Greetings from the National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. Today is a great day. On August 29, of 2015, we made history.

The National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. became the first newly formed and installed national organization as a new chapter in the state of California planned and executed less then one year.Our formation and installation will be recorded in the historical record of the state as revolutionary and groundbreaking. We have set a standard and president for all future free women everywhere to strive for and achieve.

The National Alliance of Free Women, Inc. (NAOFW) is a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization that focuses on improving the quality and life of women and girls through education, leadership, participation, commitment, and activism. We are chartered by the state government of California and organized primarily or exclusively for social, educational, recreational, or charitable purposes. The oath of improving the quality of life of women and girls everywhere is a universal cause of which will resonate with women and girls globally. Women and girls who suffer suppression, degradation, segregation, subjugation, exploitation and violence internationally will rally around this cause.

What we accomplished was no small feat. Our efforts will be emulated and replicated by other women who wish and desire to become free women and will become a national norm of becoming a free woman.

The title and name of our organization carry and imply a deep and profound meaning and message. We have now become trail blazers in this twenty-first century, similarly to the "Suffragette" in the nineteenth century. And, because of the oath that we all pledge and collectively took, we are all obligated to embrace this oath will convection and determination to work toward change for others.

In addition to making history, we will become a part of history as it will be written and recorded for all future centuries to read about and bear witness to.

Respectfully Yours,
Dr. Mary McBean, Founder/ Chair